As a personal trainer, clients would continually ask me what they can eat. Is there a bar they can get at the store for when they are on the go? For years I struggled with this. “Yes, but”… was always the answer. There are things out there that are ok, but not complete. They might have enough protein and made from whole foods, but contain dairy, gluten, peanuts, or soy. All of which are common irritants that can adversely affect people’s health and their ability to lose weight. Of course it would be ideal if everyone just made all their food at home, then they would know what was in it and could put only ingredients that would actually nourish and help their body. I wished I could just make the food for them however I did not have the time to do that for everyone. There is a huge need for people to have good nourishing food to-go, when they need it. So I finally designed my own! This would be one thing I could do to make it a little easier for my clients(and myself) to eat healthier. Conveniently packaged, real food, to-go.


The Whole Be-ing ‘Real Food Bar’ was born. Made of all good-for-you ingredients that nourish your body so you can be your best. Every ingredient was hand-picked by me based on its beneficial properties for the body. Designed to energize and sustain you with foods to help power your metabolism, hormone balance, brain function, and blood sugar balance. Free of any unwanted fillers, chemicals, preservatives, or common food sensitivities, and it actually tastes good!
I love cooking my own food and know that eating healthy should not mean starving or depriving yourself. On the contrary, healthy eating should be fulfilling and nourishing. Healthy can and should be delicious!
My ‘Real Food Bar’ is made with organic non-GMO ingredients, free of dairy, corn, soy, gluten, and grains. A perfect balance of healthy fats, protein, and fiber. Both grounding and nourishing to fuel your journey.

The ingredients:

  • Cashew butter – for a creamy base
  • Cacoa powder – for delicious chocolate taste
  • Hemp protein powder – plant protein for 10g per bar
  • Dates and Honey – for natural sweetness
  • Chia seeds – for omega 3’s and lasting energy
  • Pumpkin seeds – high in zinc, magnesium, and L-Tryptophan(natural anti-depressant), and anti-inflammatory
  • Ground flax seeds – for omega 3’s and fiber
  • Gogi berries –  for supper antioxidant boost
  • Coconut oil – healthy fat for increased fat metabolism, energy, and brain function
  • Vanilla extract – for anti-oxidant, mood boost

All these great ingredients combine together to make one delicious Real Food Bar containing 10g protein, 5g fiber, 12g healthy fats and 190cal/bar. Perfect for an afternoon snack, or to take with you when you travel. Order a box today and have it delivered right to your door so you can always have good real food choices on hand when you need them!


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